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Getting student-athletes to the next level

USAcademy is excited to bring a fresh new look at soccer into the Wichita Metro Area. We pride our missions focus on all the major components of our soccer players successes: physical and mental conditioning, healthy aptitude, and technical skills combined with a love for the game that leads only to success.

Soccer Player
Big Kick
Crowd Silhouette
The Goalkeeper
Midair Tackle

Our Mission

Building success from the inside out

Ultimate Soccer Academy is designed with the mission to provide an extensive understanding of student-athlete success. In doing so, the athlete, coach, and parent, are equipped with the necessary tools for the best individual development. These tools; confidence, competitive drive, communication skills, leadership on and off the field and commitment to build their own futures will instill in our student-athletes the necessary keys to create their own success.

Our Roots

Our roots are in the success of our local youth achieving success in all levels of life . Our knowledgeable staff are stakeholders in the success of each dedicated athlete. By building a trusting training and developmental relationship with the youth in our community, we can ensure  athletes across all age, gender, and the highest competition level will be able to find success.

Our team is  passionate about player development and approaching it the right way that can lead only to the highest achievements in all walks of life.

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