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STAFF: TeamMember

Kevin "KJ" Jackson


Mr. Jackson- A former professional soccer player for a number of years. Played professionally in multiple cities, Wichita Kansas, Cedar Rapids Iowa, San Diego California. KJ is a skilled trainer with his commitment to individualized player development and player/team success. He is passionate about providing a unique platform and venue where athletes & families can gain the tools and resources needed to achieve their developmental goals both on and off the field.


Darin Smith


Darin Smith has expertise in individual player development and guiding teams to success. He has expertise in producing quality recruitable soccer players who embody the drive for success. Darin has many years in coaching and player development despite his young years. His impressive resume includes coaching at the professional level with a role as Interim coach for the Wichita B-52's, and Director of Coaching for some of the most successful youth competitive soccer clubs in the Wichita Metropolitan Area.

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